TÜBİTAK Türkiye Sanayi Sevk ve İdare Enstitüsü 

Barış Mah. Koşuyolu Cad. No: 48 P.K. 14
41401 Gebze - Kocaeli - TÜRKİYE

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The registration and the technical program will be in a place called TÜBİTAK Türkiye Sanayi Sevk ve İdare Enstitüsü(TUSSIDE).  TUSSIDE is located in the heart of Kocaeli / Gebze (map). 

Gebze is an industrial city in Kocaeli Province, Turkey. Situated 30 miles east of Istanbul on the northern shore of the Sea of Marmara, it is the largest district of Kocaeli. Two noticeable historical sites in Gebze are Hannibal's grave which is located in Tubitak Campus and Çoban Mustafa Paşa Mosque in downtown Gebze.


3D images for workshop venue: 

Some photos of venue are listed below.