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The main goal of this workshop is to promote and initiate novel research on the security & privacy issues for applications that can be termed as lightweight security, due to the associated constraints on metrics such as available power, energy, computing ability, area, execution time, and memory requirements. As such applications are becoming ubiquitous, definitely providing an immense value to the society, they are also affecting a greater portion of the public & leading to a plethora of economical & security and privacy related concerns. The goal of this workshop is to create a platform where these concerns can be addressed and proposed solutions are discussed and evaluated. The solutions should be economically applicable in constrained environments such as wireless embedded systems. Due to the nature of the problem, good scalability properties are also expected requirements of the proposed systems. Providing implementation results & demonstrating the applicability of the proposed solutions are among the essentials. Metrics to evaluate different aspects of lightweight security solutions and combined metrics for overall evaluations thereof for a given application scenario are useful for implementers and engineers. Compactness and efficiency are the properties which are commonly sought.


Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:


· Design, analysis and implementation of lightweight cryptographic protocols & applications

· Cryptographic hardware development for constrained domains

· Design, analysis and implementation of security & privacy solutions for wireless embedded systems

· Design, analysis and implementation of lightweight  privacy-preserving protocols & systems

· Design and analysis of fast and compact cryptographic algorithms

· Wireless network security for low-resource devices

· Low-power crypto architectures

· Fast and compact  biometric-based algorithms for authentication and identification

· Scalable protocols and architectures for security and privacy

· Formal methods for analysis of lightweight cryptographic protocols


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LightSec 2011

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Important Dates

Submission Deadline

October 22, 2010—October 27, 2010, 23:59 UTC (Extended)

Acceptance Notification

November 12, 2010—November 17, 2010  (Extended)

Final Papers Due

December 17, 2010


January 10 — 10 March 2011, 23:59 UTC


March 14-15, 2011